• Sony FS700 – with EF or E-mount lenses & 4K RAW capable external SSD recorder
    • Sony VG 20 – lightweight ‘B camera’ to FS700
    • Sony NEX 7 – S35mm DSLR
    • Canon 5D MkII – Full frame DSLR
    • Canon 7D – S35mm DSLR
    • GoPro 3+ (HD) & GoPro4 (4K) – water/shock-proof sports cameras with various mounts and housings

Camera support

    • Odyssey 7Q+ monitor and SSD recorder
    • Zacuto Z-Finder Pro viewfinder
    • Light, medium and heavy tripods / fluid heads
    • Glidecam HD-4000
    • Hague K8 camera jib
    • Motorised slider
    • Redrock Micro cinema shoulder rig with follow focus
    • Redrock Micro matte box with 4X5.65″ filter set
    • Okii FC1 remote follow focus
    • Comprehensive list of high quality EF and E-mount lenses (16mm to 800mm)
    • Metabones E-mount to EF adapter


    • 3x Leco500 LED studio panel lights
    • 2x 500w Chimera softboxes
    • 2x 800w tungsten redheads
    • 2x IDX-X3 camera lights
    • Stands, reflectors, blackout, large green-screen


    • Sony UWP-D11 radio mic kit
    • Sony ECM-XM1 shotgun mic
    • Rode NTG2 shotgun mic
    • Rode VideoMic
    • Zoom H2 audio recorder
    • Boom pole, shock mount, hand-grip


    • DJI Phantom 2
    • H4-3D gimbal (carrying a GoPro 4 black edition)
    • Immersion RC video transmitter
    • Black Pearl receiver / monitor
    • Batteries and support for full day of flying
    • Insured for aerial filming

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